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John Evelanicon_mail
(Managing Member, Technical & Astronomy Operations)

JohnMy interest in astronomy has spanned my lifetime.  As a kid I was given the proverbial department store telescope and was forced to hack out a meaning to the highly refracted lights that wobbled in my narrow little eyepiece. Needless to say, that didn’t do much for forwarding my career, but I continued my interest in all things astronomical and aerospace.

At age 20, I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force maintaining the brand new F-15 Eagle. After my enlistment I pursued an aviation career training as an Airframe and Power plant mechanic, large aircraft Flight Engineer, FCC 1st class avionics maintainer and as a Private Pilot leading to Bachelors work in Professional Aviation at Embry Riddle Aero University.

I’ve always maintained my love for astronomy, and also the elegant design and engineering of telescopes and systems. As leader of a team responsible for test, mod and maintenance of several Avionics/Software Integration Labs for a large aerospace company I’ve worked with many leading edge technologies that directly relate to design and functionality of remote astronomy systems. Understanding the variables that entail safe predictable operation is obviously essential to successful remote imaging. Building a “functional” remote observatory from scratch, even with so many “off the shelf” systems has been a humbling task. One that has been made easier with generous chunks of help from so many great like-minded and willing friends.

Janet Evelanicon_mail
(Managing Member, Sales and Marketing‏)


As a managing member with a background in business management, accounting, and sales and marketing, I am the “behind the scenes” member of the SkyPi team. I have always had a love of the sky from a very young age. Living in upstate New York, in the summer my siblings and I would sleep in the backyard under the stars. We marveled in its’ beauty and wondered of the vastness. We would stay up all night and tell ghost and alien stories.

The last thing we saw before we closed our eyes to, reluctantly, sleep was dark sky and millions of beautiful stars! It was an experience I will always cherish. When I met my husband, John Evelan, his passion and love of astronomy became extremely infectious and…here we are!

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