Why Image at SkyPi?


There is one location in the continental United States that can boast sky that consistently provides the finest, SkyPi Remote Observatory.

  • Bortle 1 DARK
  • Sky darkness scales at 22
  • Regular seeing conditions that average 1.5 arcseconds and often sub-arcsecond.
  • Elevation 7670 ft


Established in 2012, the observatory is located in the Top of the World gated subdivision, in the direct center of the US 60 Dark Sky Corridor. Quickly becoming the largest astronomy community in the region, the community has adopted Dark Sky International guidelines into their covenants. Top of the World boasts the location of the Annual Enchanted Skies Star Party each October. The site is in the application process for Dark Sky Reserve status.

  • Hi speed broadband Internet
  • Gated community subdivision 
  •  24-hour security
  • Fully accessible cameras; your equipment and the full campus
  • Full time tech support
  • Semiprivate, (2 pier), and private observatories
  • Accommodations


Our clients have achieved awards such as:

  • Several APOD publications
  • Published images in Sky and Telescope and Astronomy Magazine
  • Royal Greenwich Observatory Image of the Year
  • Extragalactic Supernovae discoveries 
  • Scientific paper publication