Pier Lease Info

Our mission is to make remote hosting affordable to a larger portion of the astronomy community. With that in mind we are offering rental of a pier for remote hosting at the best price possible…. $575 per month.

SkyPi currently has one pier available for lease.

Items and services that SkyPi will provide:

12” diameter concrete pier with a 1″ aluminum upper plate, machine drilled for your mounts’ bolt pattern.

Electrical power:

  • 20+ amp, CGFI Circuit protection
  • Digital Loggers remote switching 10 outlet AC power control.
  • 1500Va Battery Backup.

Internet access :

  • Due to the remote nature of this site it’s necessary to use satellite internet service. This service initially provides 25gb (5mb dn. 1.5mb up) of data each month (addition data can be acquired at minimal charge).Unlimited data movement between the midnight and 5am. The service has been found by our clients to be more than adequately responsive for live remote operations.
  • Secure network and network resources.

Password protected access to all video surveillance.

Emergency services will be dealt with immediately.

Regular equipment maintenance at no additional charge.

Urgent services are usually taken care of within 24 hours (call/text or e-mail).

  • A technician and other personnel are available for technical assistance. We are generally available for assistance with items such as T-point modeling assistance, changing cameras or assisting with getting your equipment shipped for any needed repairs. If issues require staff assistance due to operator error outside of or beyond normal business hours there may be a charge of $50 per hour.

Live sensor tower telemetry (check the website for details).

Locked gate security to the site.

In the event you are not available to bring your equipment to the site it can be shipped to our residence in Mesa, Az. We will transport to the site and disposition it as you desire, (set up or store for your arrival).


Items that you will need to provide or bring to install at the observatory:

Your mount.

Your telescope(s)

Your camera(s).

Your specialized tools.

Your computer.

All cables and power supplies for your hardware.

Equipment insurance, (Client provided).

Be certain that your system is completely operational before moving it to SkyPi. This includes remote operation (we can ship your DLI Web Power Switch to you for pre-arrival testing). It is critical that you work out any “bugs’ prior to arriving at SkyPi, as your time will likely be limited. It can be very frustrating for your equipment to arrive at SkyPi only to find your camera, mount, software or scope are not working properly and needs to be shipped back! Several hours of work at your home, making sure you understand how you will assemble and operate your telescope, will make the experience of setting up (T-point modeling, collimation and finally imaging) relatively simple, rather than a complex and frustrating task. We will gladly assist you with any applicable questions you may have as you set your system up for testing, presumably near your home (prior to bringing or shipping it to us).

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