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Phase 2 Update

We spent last weekend on site. Despite the rain in the afternoons, we were able to stay on schedule.  The walls are up and now on to the rails.  Kevin will begin welding and getting them ready for install.  Check out the updated photos on the build page.

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Phase 2

Hello! We are spending this weekend onsite. John, Bob, Kevin and Brian worked most of the day today framing the walls. They packed it in around 5:00 pm before the rain came. It didn’t rain much but there was a fairly good light show! Check out our pictures of today’s progress on the Phase 2 page. More to come tomorrow. Clear skies! Jan

Phase 2 Update

We have been here working on the construction of the second building since Wednesday. This building will house 2 additional piers.  The floor is just about complete and John and Kevin are spending the day today cutting the wood for the walls.  We are hoping to have the major construction completed by August.  It rained most of the evening yesterday, which was more than welcomed!  Stay tuned for more pics on the Phase 2 page.  Jan :)